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Frye/Macomber Attic

This project was started in order to remodel the upstairs attic storage space of the home into another bedroom along with keeping some storage space as well. After a few suggestions in floor layouts and ideas tossed around,  a design was agreed upon and established. The new attic space will now have 9' ceilings with a fairly large bedroom sized at roughly 12 x 20 with  3' knee walls framed to the slope of a 10/12 pitched hip roof. The bedroom will have a large closet space with additional storage and some shelving. The bedroom also has a dormer which will have a vaulted ceiling and a half wall at the stairwell for some privacy. New windows will be installed, and a monitor space heater will be added. All interior trim installed will be matched as closely to its original early 1900's era. The storage space will be somewhat smaller than they previously had, but this is to allow for a fair sized bedroom. In the storage space, we will be adding a shelf unit to accommodate storage totes. The entire roof will now have venting and will be insulated making the new space much more energy efficient. The following pictures will show the day by day, week by week progress of the job. Notes will be added in the end.



>Open space #1   RJU                                            >Open space #2


>Open space #3                                                >Knee walls framed to sloped roof


>Custom Closet framed to roof slope                 >Custom Closet #2


>Half wall at stairwell                                        > Bedroom closet in background


>Shows cathedral ceiling in dormers                  >Steps shown will be replaced with oak


>Preparing for window installation                     >New window installation #2


>Installed Rafter Vents #1                                 >Installed Rafter Vents #2


>Future storage area                                        >Bedroom to be


>Vaulted dormer ceiling                                    >Living room area w/ closet


We now have finished the Attic Project and have some final pictures to share of the finished product, which includes, a custom Window Seat, a made-to-fit Double Door to an additional storage area, and a 6 foot Bookshelf with adjustable shelves. We also installed the original 5 panel door from the early 1900's being used in the bedroom closet. In the storage area, we built shelves to accommodate the many totes that well be placed for storage. The flooring is a red oak, micro beveled/pre-finished product provided by Atlantic Hardwoods.


>New Oak steps & side skirt board                   >Bedroom closet


>Closet w/ Early 1900's 5 panel door                >New Bedroom area


>Custom Shelf unit w/adjustable shelves          >Shelves for totes in storage room


>Custom Double Doors to extra storage           >More storage area


>Custom Window Seat #1                               >Custom Window seat w/flip up door


Robert & Cynthia's  Testimonial



Last year (2004) Mike and Craig did extensive work on our house.  
Remodeling our
dining room and attic were two of the bigger projects
that they did.  Mike provided valuable design assistance on both.  His
suggestions were excellent! They allowed us to increase the size of
our son's new attic bedroom and to remodel our dining room in a way
that is consistent with our home's Victorian design.

Both men were very easy to work with.  Our projects took months,
included other contractors  and involved several design changes. 
Throughout the process Mike and Craig were available to discuss any
issues that we had and they showed a lot of flexibility in coordinating
their efforts with the other contractors.

We are currently enjoying the products of their hard work.  Our
unfinished attic went from dark and crowded to being a bright and
usable space.  We appreciate their competence and professionalism!



Robert & Cynthia