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  Gainesville Screened-in Porch

On this job our customer had a screen porch but it was very limited for space. There was however a slab outside that had potential. So we went about to adding more square footage to the slab and the goal was to create a functional screened-in porch. Also joining me on this job is my brother Gary of "Excellence in Carpentry" who also happens to be an Angie's List [Super Service Award Winner]. As you will see in the pictures below, the process and the results are truly amazing.


                                                              Phase One: Concrete/Framing




  Slab is formed and ready for cement                                                          Oh the joy of mixing 80 bags of cement




  And so it begins                                                                                              Just about completed.




  With the slab poured and curing framing is next                                         6 X 6 posts are now in place as well as the beams




  Roof is now framed and we're just about ready for roofing









                                                                                         Phase Two: Roofing/Exterior Trim/Windows




  With the roofing done, the exterior trim can now be installed                        Just about ready for windows




  Time to add the cedar corbels to each side                                                  Windows are now installed and we're ready for interior work







                                         Phase Three: Interior Trim/Floor Tile







Insulation will help keep things a bit cooler                         Now the ceiling gets it's T&G cedar boards installed




  With the windows covered we're ready for a couple coats of polyurethane                Seems like Gary is doing all the work!





  Yes indeed he does tile work as well!




   All trim and tile is completed along with the outside                                                     Time to just enjoy view!















                                                                                                         Final Product