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Peaks Island Cottage

Remodeling can always be a challenge. In this case, it appears the work was started and never finished. This in turn has created problems that need to be addressed in order for the entire job to have an appearance of completion. Many of the problems we face here are unfinished work, uneven walls, doors not working properly, and walls with little insulation. Our goal is simple: to correct what is clearly inadequate workmanship. We will be working on the second floor of the cottage, room by room. There will be three bedrooms and two bathrooms to restore, during our project.


Master Bedroom




>Circle window left untrimmed                               >Sheetrock not sanded



>Jog in ceiling left unfinished & not needed             >Again.....unfinished sheetrock



>Noticeable jog in the wall...and unfinished             >Doors installed before finished sheetrock



>Where is the joint compound!??                           >Wall was built over baseboard heat



>Another view of wall over baseboard                    >A heavy coat of compound, prevalent

   heat.                                                                      throughout the second floor rooms.



>Again....metal corners never installed




We now come to the point where it's time to remove the old wall surfaces, and reveal what needs to be replace and or repaired. The following pictures can be compared the the previous shown above.



>This picture reveals a little daylight!!                     >This window has no framed sill??        

(Possible leaking problem near Chimney)




>Ready for resurfacing with T&G Pine                   >This ceiling to be reframed and made level

  at lower half and sheetrock above.


>New framing added




We now come to the point where everything that needed fixing has been fixed. Existing walls were framed out of plumb and not very straight. We've corrected these issues and a few more. There is still a couple doors to take care of and insulation to install, but here's a before and after of what's been done thus far.




Before                                                                      After:  New blocking at ceiling and window








Before: No window sill frame                                      After:  New framed sill and framing        




At this point the walls have been insulated and the sheetrock has been mudded. We are now in the finishing phase. The doors will be reinstalled to plumb and operating properly. The entire room will trimmed with a 1x5 baseboard with a base cap.

The lower 3'-6" of the wall will have Edge & Center Bead pine with a chair rail.














  Here are few other updates in the hallway outside the Master Bedroom.



>New Baseboards                                                      >New Ceiling



>New floor at landing                                                 >Re-trimmed Beam



>Corner is complete