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Jeff George  Kitchen/Bath Project

This project was started on Nov 29th as scheduled. Here we plan to completely install a new bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom will have new flooring and sheetrock walls and ceiling, along with new fixtures and shower. The kitchen will also have a new floor, new cabinets, new window (relocated) and all new countertop surfaces. The outside of the house will have  4-new basement windows installed and the siding will be patched to cover old bathroom window and also where the new kitchen window will be placed.


 Phase 1 Demolition                




>Bathroom before demolition




>Bathroom #2                                                     >Kitchen after removing old cabinets





>Bathroom with window removed                         >Inside bathroom from kitchen



>View of kitchen w/new underlayment


Phase 2 Resurfacing


>Bathroom w/newly installed Shower/toilet         >Last piece of sheetrock in the kitchen


Phase 3 Finish Work


>Start of cabinets                                                 >Installed cabinets #1


>Installed Cabinets #2                                          >Installing countertops is next


As of 12/30/04, we had all the cabinets in place. Today the countertops arrived, and will be installed. We will also put in place the, wall mounted microwave with outside venting and the refrigerator. The stove will go in place once the plumber sets the sink and installs the gas line. Here are some before and after pictures of the kitchen.



>Starting the installation of countertops                     >Custom fitting counter to existing walls




>Before new cabinets                                              >After counter is in place



>Before view #1                                                      >Before view #2



>After view #1                                                        >After view #2