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  Gainesville Coffer ceiling

Wanting to improve the appearance of the dining room, my customer requested to have the walls match the hallway wainscoting detail but more importantly, adding a Coffer Ceiling to complete the room. In here you will see a step-by-step process of both projects to their completion.








   We start by painting the walls using the trim paint                              Completing the painting to the outside corner






  With the laser light in place, the base cap trim is installed                     As I progress around the room the panels take shape





  Chair rail and panels completed                                                         With this portion done, time to start the Coffer ceiling













                                                                                   Coffer Ceiling






   Channels that comprise the base of the coffer are pre-assembled         With the channels complete it's time to install the base structure





  One at a time                                                                                 Things are starting to take shape and almost ready for trim





  The flat stock trim applied to bottom first                                         Once the bottom is complete the the interior side pieces go in place





  Room is now completed                                                                   Trim detail up close





                                                                                                         Final Product