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  Windham Kitchen Remodel

On this particular kitchen remodeling project, we have several areas that need to be addressed in order to create a more functional and inviting kitchen for the home. To begin with, the wall separating the kitchen and dining room will be cut down to 42" off the floor creating a more open area and a new bar top will be installed for those quick breakfast meals for the children.  Not only will this half wall help develop a more "open concept" which is always a sought after detail with most homebuyers today, but in the end provide a valued feature to the home. Secondly, with the kitchen sink currently installed on an interior wall, there is no practical way to enjoy the backyard view and the sun during those warm summer mornings. So the plan is to spin things around, raise the current window to a height expectable for a kitchen sink and install a sink which will now face a backyard, the sun and a window equipped with a much desired window sill!


So let's begin.


                                                                          Before Pictures





 Window to be resized and replaced                                                        This wall to be cut down to size





 View from dining area                                                                            We can see here the location of the kitchen sink





 View from the window                                                                           View of dining area from kitchen







                                                                    Work Begins





 Window trim removed and window is ready to be replaced                    And so the demolition begins!















 Now it's time to remove plaster backsplash from wall





 Jim Witherow of Finelines Plumbing addresses the gas line                      Window is insulated and ready for sheet rock





                                                                                                              We now have a half wall ready for drywall taping





 Jesse from Butler Drywall begins taping the sheet rock





 Cabinets are now installed and now waiting for countertops                     With the half wall completed things are certainly opening up














                                                                                      Final Product  "Before & After"