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  Westbrook Portico

On this job, all the entry doors will be replaced with pre-painted Therma-tru doors. I'll also be rebuilding a small porch to the side entrance. And finally the most important portion of the project is to build a front entry portico. The goal is to give the home a prominent point of view and I'm confident that this will be accomplished.

So here we go......


                                                                          Before Pictures




 Existing deck removed by homeowner                                                              Second view





 Front door & storm door to be replaced and a Portico to be added




                                                                    Work Begins









 Side porch is now completed. Azek decking and pvc trim                           New Larson storm door now in place





 With sonu tubes & posts in place the deck is framed                                   The roof of the Portico almost completed





 With Portico roof completed we add the support columns                          Now it's time to complete the decking using hidden fasteners





 Now we set a slab for new steps to rest on                                                Slab is poured and ready for steps






 Time tore-install siding which was removed                                                 Installing bead-board pvc panels for the ceiling




 Stringers are cut and ready for assembly                                                     Here I add upper and lower framing to create a "one-piece" step system





 Completed and ready to install                                                                    If there's an easier way to do this, I haven't seen it.




 With steps anchored to slab and deck we start trim work                            Posts are secured, and we're ready for stair treads




 The portico is completed and ready for ground work                                  For future plans a walkway will lead to the driveway from the Portico





                                                              Final Product  "Before & After"












                                             The only maintenance to be done to this "all vinyl" Portico is an occasional power wash.

                                                                                           [Time for a new Man toy!]