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  Conant Street Deck

With this project, the goal is to put in place a stairway which would finally allow the homeowners the ability to have access to the driveway from the existing upper deck. It will also provide another point of entry into the home. I will be extending the existing deck another 4' which will also lead to a stairway that ends at the driveway.


                                                                          Before Pictures




 Area for the extension to be installed                                          Time to dig a few holes






                                                                    Work Begins




 Build out off of existing deck to meet outside corner.                  Posts are now in and the rim joists being installed




 Preparing stingers for install



 Final stringer going in                                                                     Steps and landing complete. Time for rail posts




 Flashing in place & now ready for decking                                   Time to patch existing siding back into place




 With the siding done posts can go in                                               Deck transition complete




 Transition view #2                                                                        Transition view #3




 Time to start the railing                                                                 With the upper level done, it's time for the stairway




 One more day of work and the deck is complete.                           Deck is done & landscape completed by owners




  Second view.





                                                                                      Final Product  









Dear Mike,


We wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on our deck. We also appreciate the open communication you had with us throughout the entire project. We're so pleased with the end result and have received several compliments already! And leaving us with a new "Welcome Mat" was so sweet. We really appreciate everything and please know that we'll be calling you for any future projects that might pop up. :)


Thanks again!


Allie Levesque & Pat Kinslow