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  Higgins Kitchen

Although this kitchen as it appears now, seems to be a very inviting room to cook in, it did lack functionality. Considering that it only included "one" drawer unit, it goes without saying that there certainly was a need for more. Being over 40 years old, it was time for an upgrade. The cabinets [By Kabinart] are provided by Hancock Lumber's Home Again Division and managed by Roberta Campbell and expert in the field. That being said, this kitchen will become one of the most functional kitchens I've installed compared to what was in place from the beginning.

So let's begin!



Before Picture







Work Begins






 First we start by installing floor protection                                          With floor cover now in place, it's time to demo!





 Demolition  begins                                                              




 90% complete with demolition                                                              Cabinet installation begins




 About 40 % completed at this point                                                       Prepping cabinet for upper trim work




 Door installation begins                                                                         Things are shaping up at this point




 Even Bob the homeowner wants a peek at it!                                         Cabinet doors in and door hardware begins





 The other end of the kitchen                                                                      First countertop to go in place




With upper units in, all that remains is crown moulding                          Countertops awaiting installation




 View #2                                                                                                      View #3




                                                          The final Product







 Kitchen Completed! View #1                                                                   View #2




 View #3                                                                                                  View #4




 View #5                                                                                                View #6





















 Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hodgdon's Testimonial: 2/14/2013


The kitchen remodeling project in our home is a reflection of your skill and determination and understanding of our   needs. The "new kitchen" is beautiful and very functional. It was a pleasure to have you work in our home.




Ellie & Bob Hodgdon

Higgins Beach

Scarborough, ME