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  Saco Bathroom

Having out-dated pink shower, toilet, and sink, this bathroom was certainly ready for a facelift. The customer also wanted to make this bathroom a little bit bigger in order to install a 4' vanity with an offset sink. This will not only give them more room to place items on counter when need be, but also make the space just that much more comfortable to be in.


                                                                                      Before Pictures






  Room is covered and ready for dust                                   Existing shower




 2nd view                                                                               Existing toilet & sink




 Door and door trim to be saved                                            







                                                   Work Begins






                                                       Sink & toilet removed






 Door removed                                                                        Sheet rock removed




 2nd view                                                                                Time to remove shower




 Piece by piece it disappears                                                                               Mission accomplished!




 Removing all tiles that have been modified                                                 They came up to easy on the vinyl




 This area shows the expansion by 19 inches                                                          Time for the plumber to rough-in





 Extended wall now framed                                                              Second view





 Tile to be patched in with 2 more courses                                                 Vanity rough-in completed





 Shower rough-in almost completed                                              Sheet rock taping begins





 Doorway view                                                                            Closer view of shower installed






                                                                                        Final Product  










                                                                           Before and After