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  Black Cat Cafe'

Anyone has the opportunity to start their own business. It takes courage, desire, and sacrifice. My goal here is to build cabinets and install countertops that will be the main working area for what is to be "The Black Cat Cafe' " The cabinets will be built using cabinet grade plywood and have an mdf board as the finished face and then trimmed with poplar wood and topped off with a butcher block counter. So let's begin!!


                                                                          Before Pictures




 New cabinets to be installed in this area.                                       View from the doorway




 Third view with display cooler set to it's place





                                                                    Work Begins




 Soon to be front counter                                                                   View from the back side




 Assembling the sink cabinets                                                           Just need the plumber at this point




 Now the cabinets get their MDF facing                                          The MDF gives the front a smooth surface.




 3rd view                                                                                          With the cabinets in place, it is time to trim.




 Trim work to cabinets begin                                                          Front portion is now trimmed & tops are in place



                                                                                      Final Product  




 Finished and ready to serve                                                            Second view