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Saco Remodel

Here my customers wanted to revamp and update an old room to more cottage feel at their summer home along the beach front. The walls & ceiling were comprised of and older fiberboard in place as 4x8 sheets with molding covering the seams. The exterior walls were also un-insulated and the windows needed updating. The goal is to strip the walls, remove the ceiling to expose the roof rafters, insulted the exterior walls, replace the 3 window unit, install 1x8 T&G bead board pine, and paint......all in a 3-5 day span. Let's see how things turned out!!



Before Pictures








  Existing room picture #1                                                         Existing room picture #2





                                                                      Closet to be re-built












Work Begins






  Stripping the walls





  Windows being replaced                                                        Insulation being added









                               Completed Project






   New closet now in place, and new fan.                                      Good view of the painted bead board pine




                                                       New windows in place 











                                                               FINAL PRODUCT