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Porch Remodel

I've been given the opportunity to transform an existing porch into a more modern & updated appearance that will become a maintenance free structure when done. The settling of the porch over the years has taken it's toll, and so the requirements will be to re-sure the existing support structure and try and straighten the roof line, install new windows, an entry door and new stairs with a modest deck that will have a roof extended over for cover. Inside, I will be installing a Mahogany hardwood floor.

When this project is complete, the customers will enjoy looking out their new Harvey windows, and enjoy coming home all the more.



All the following pictures will be taken by the homeowner who happens to be an avid photographer. Normally I have the task of providing pictures for my website, but at it is, I am fortunate enough to have a professional to handle that task. Many thanks to Sandra of  "SD Good Photography" for her services.



Before Pictures





Porch as it was.                                                                                           Second view





Work Begins




Existing windows have been removed                                                        Cement delivered.





Temporary beam in place & we begin digging holes                                Temporary walls put in place to hold roof




Work in progress                                                                                       We now set the corner post for setting beam




Time to put beam in place                                                                          Almost there!




We start with first post and work our way down.                                      View of beam now in place. One more layer to add.




Beam in place and remaining outside wall to be removed                        The ugly awning comes down step by step!




                                's gone!                                                                                    New wall framing and openings complete.




Time for sheathing.                                                                                     Almost done.......




Sheathing is done & housewrap in on. Time for windows.                      Windows go in.




Final touch....applying window wrap.                                                                     Roof rafters get spray foam insulation.




Deck floor framing gets insulation as well.                                              New deck is framed. Time to frame roof.




Roof framing complete and ready for trim.                                               Cement pad in place for new steps.




Family name forever in place.                                                                   New steps framed and ready for trim.




PVC 1" privacy lattice in place.                                                                Lower part of deck trimmed with Azek PVC trim.




Setting rail posts for stairs.                                                                        Stairs are now trimmed and ready for Azek decking




Porch posts finally in place.                                                                      Step decking installed & time to trim roof.




Porch decking in place and time to plug hidden screws.                          Porch roof trimmed and ceiling complete.



Final Product