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Gerry Ave Deck


From one house to another. As fate would have it, I only need to step across the driveway to start my next project on Gerry Ave. At this home I'll be building a "Pressure Treated" deck 12' x 18' with steps on each end. All material used will be pressure treated. After the deck has been completed, I will then take out an existing window and transform that opening into a new rear door entry to the house and also used as access to the new deck.




                                               Before Pictures





Window on the right will be the location of new door.                  Stakes shown represent 4' sonu tubes to be poured.     






                                     Work Begins





Laying out location of cement sonu tubes.                                    Setting tubes in place.






With cement now harden, time to set post anchors.                      Securing posts to prepare for support beam.





Things are starting to take shape.                                                 We have a square!!!





Deck is framed and ready for steps.                                            Then comes decking and rails.





With window out, time to install door.                                          Preparing step stingers for assembly.





Putting together the first set of steps.                                            Door installed. Time re-install siding.




Final product View #1                                                                View #2






View #3                                                                                     View #4