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Morgenbesser Deck

With this job, I'll be building a new deck and installing a Harvey Patio Door. After much pondering, the homeowner decided to go ahead and have a "no-maintenance" deck installed. By that I mean; Composite decking from Azek, with hidden fasteners by Cortex, Vinyl Railings from Tam-Rail and Vinyl Trim from Harvey Industries. Once the deck is completed, the only thing left to do is sit back and enjoy this deck for a few years and then a simple power wash, will bring it all back to the 1st day look once again. Certainly a wise investment that will last for years to come.








We start by digging holes 4 feet deep.                                              With 4' pre-cast piers installed time to put in post anchors.





Anchors installed and we're ready to frame.                                      Cement pad for a step landing reinforced with 1/2" rebar.





Cement pad poured and ready for step stringers.                              Deck is framed and just about ready for decking.





View of deck from back corner.                                                      Location of steps to be installed.




Front view.





Building the Retaining Walls



With the stairway cutting into the existing down slope grade, it is necessary to build a retaining wall in order to avoid erosion onto the cement slab which the steps will set on. The following pictures will show the process and end result.





A sand base is put in place prior to setting first timber.                 First and second layer of timbers held in place with 1/2" rebar.





NP-1 Caulking used to prevent seepage between layers.             Each timber to be attached with 6" GRK screws pre-sunk 3".





Finished with retaining wall.                                                         View #2





View #3                   [Framing is now complete.]







Trim work begins






Vertical skirt begins.                                                                   1st step to deck is the 1x4 vertical which is now completed.





Trimming steps prior to fascia boards.                                          Access panel for future storage.





Deck trim work is now completed. Onto decking!                       Only the steps remain and a small portion in back corner.





Deck is now 75% completed.







Job Complete!