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Jordan Deck

The current deck has reached it's life cycle being 20 some years old and it's time for a new and bigger deck. The current existing size of this deck is 14' x 16'. On this project, I'll be lowering the deck to ground level thus eliminating the need for a railing as requested by the customer. I'll also be increasing the size of the deck to 15' x 21'. I've also design the deck to have a diagonal pattern. And with a decking piece running down the middle [front to back], this eliminates any "butt joints" thus giving the deck a clean crisp look.

A signature feature to all the decks I build, is installing perimeter ribbon along the edges. This eliminates the view of all end cuts and gives the the deck the "picture framed appearance."




                                               Before Pictures


















                                     Work Begins






Rot is found after existing ledger is removed                                A closer look reveals extensive damage





Time to cut back plywood to make room for new ledger             This portion under the door will be replace (worse area)





Commercial grade flexible sealant to seal new rim joist                 With sill cleaned and repaired, it's time for the new rim joist





With rim joist in place and all rot remove, time to wrap                House wrap has been applied and now ready for siding





Ledger board is now fastened to foundation                                 Cement piers in place and beam built & ready to support





Deck has been framed with 2x10 floor joist                                 Deck is framed and ready for decking.





Cement pad for steps                                                                  Cement pad is poured and ready for steps





Decking ribbon around perimeter now in place                            Closer look at the ribbon





Step frame & platform framing complete                                      Setting platform





Platform ready for decking                                                            Just need to complete right side steps at this point