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Falmouth Kitchen

Here we will be installing new kitchen cabinets, a new tiled floor, and a custom built bench to be used as a dining area. The goal with this project is to open up the living space, by tearing down a wall which now separates the dining area and kitchen. Once the wall is down, we'll be re-wiring for the new kitchen and doing some tile work. There is also a 3/4" rise/hump in the floor at the kitchen entry which will need to be removed before tiling begins.

Once the tile has been grouted we will then proceed to install cabinets, countertops and finish off with the custom bench.



Before Pictures





View from the kitchen entry with cabinets removed.                          A second look at the kitchen area.





View of dining area from kitchen.                                                     View of dining area from front entry.






View of kitchen from dining area.   







Work Begins





The wall separating rooms is now gone.                                       Second view from dining area.





Now it's time to remove the 3/4" rise in the floor.                         Plain down the rafters will eliminate the gradual rise.





Underlayment is now in place for tiles to be installed.                   Location of the 3/4" hump in floor at doorway is now gone.




View from kitchen entry.







                 Cabinet Installation & Bench





Cabinets are mounted                              







Countertop is now in place



Just waiting for tile backsplash at this point






Staring bench with simple framing