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Summer Home Projects


This particular job will involve 5 separate projects. Some require winter damage repair, vinyl siding clean-up, window repair, shed re-enforcement, and a couple new decks.





                                                                The Project List




Soffit Repair                                             Siding Clean-up






New Shed Supports                                  Shed Deck







Window Repair














                                                  Project #1 "Soffit Repair"







Damage from wind & snow. Gutter is seen on the ground             Staging is set and soffit ready for repair





Re-installing rafter vents lost in the wind                                       Soffit is now repaired and ready for gutter





Soffit complete with gutter in place                                              Closer look







                      Project #2 "Siding Clean-up"






Back wall has accumulated mold, and it's time to clean up.           Closer view of vents.





View of second vent area.                                                           Applying the initial rinse in preparation for cleaning solution.





Applying cleaning solution.                                                           Here's a comparison.





Gutter side also needed a little clean-up.                                      Looks like new!




                Job complete!

















                        Project #3 "Shed Supports"




Supports have sunken and shed is down 5" at right rear!               Closer view.





Right side now has front, middle & rear support and level.            View from right rear to left rear side of shed. Now supported.





Addition view to left rear of shed.                                                Front left corner is raised and the doors will now open.





Middle section had sunk 5 inches but is now supported.                 Job completed!









                           Project #3 "Shed Deck"







Existing conditions                                                                      Deck frame now in place.





A new 4' by 6' deck is now in place.                                            Job completed!










                          Project #3 "Window Repair"






Existing window now has a sag of 3/8".                                       We also a have breach in the factory seal.






Right side shows evidence of the sagging window.                        Left side looks just as bad.





Refastened the factory seal.                                                         Applied a commercial grade high expansion caulk to seal area





Now I've added cedar supports to eliminate future sag.               Picture now shows an even reveal on the right side sash.




Left side reveal looks perfect.                                                        Both side windows now work perfectly. Job Complete!!!