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Gerry Ave Porch

On this job I'll be taking down the existing porch from the columns down. I'll be installing a new "maintenance free" porch with materials that will need painting. With Fiberglass structural columns, vinyl railings, composite decking, and PVC Trim, this new porch will only need a power wash every 3 or 4 years to look just as good as day one. When it comes to having a consistent appearance year after year. Using this approach is by far the most rewarding in the end. No work and great looks!




                                               Before Pictures












                                     Work Begins





With support posts in place, it's time to chop!                              One section at a time.





Half way there.                                                                           Side view.





Setting 6x6 support posts for columns.                                         Beam is now in place, and we're ready for floor joist.





Street view.                                                                                 Floor Joist & steps are in, skirt framing needs finishing.





Skirting trim begins.                                                                    Posts are finally in!





Decking is 50% completed at this point.                                      Decking completed. Lens is curving the post btw. :-)





Stairs are next                                                                             Stairs 50% complete





Porch completed: View 1                                                             Porch completed: View 2





Porch completed: View 3                                                            Porch completed: View 4









                          BEFORE                 AND                   AFTER