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McGraw Barn Door

In place of this opening was once and old wooden and heavy Garage Door. Always difficult open and not very weather tight. The owners asked if I could build some swinging doors in it's place? And so below is design I came up with to solve the issue and give this old Farmhouse a door that depicts a "period look" from the 1800's. The wood being use is a Fir tongue & groove material. Everything was custom fitted...right down to hardware function.





 The right side of opening will decrease by 12".                                       Preparing to layout the boards.





 Creating a square area to start from.                                                      Cutting both top & bottom square to to vertical lines.





 Time to set the Diagonal supports.                                                         Laying out the window openings.





 Time to cut!                                                                                          Completing the process in the corners w/MultiMaster





 Applying trim work to openings.                                                            Preparing for Hinges,





                                                   Doors are hung and the windows complete the look.