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Gorham Attic

What was a mere wish to have, some 7 years ago, is now taking shape in the attic for this homeowner. Working from pictures in a "Fine Homebuilding" magazine on Attic's, we have come up with this current design to put together something as close as possible. Using Red Oak trim as our primary wood for the sleeping area, the remaining trim will be of a "Poplar" wood species which will be painted.






Spray foam insulation View #1                                               Drywall ready for installation







Spray foam view #3                                                                  Sheet rock complete...ready to frame




Frame work begins                                                                   View #2




Storage cubbies go in place first                                             Bed area taking shape




View #3                                                                                    Storage cubbies in place




Viewed from stairway                                                             Viewed from bed area




Closer view of stairway                                                           Future storage closet




Stairs going up from 2nd floor                                                View going up




View going down                                                                       Skylight in place





View #4                                                                                     View #5




Drawers under bed 8" high & 24" deep                                   Custom fitted oak




Headboard area                                                                         Built-in book shelves & drawers




Storage cubbies now trimmed                                                  Another point of view




Almost completed                                                                    View from stairway