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Thurrell Windows

On this project I'll be replacing two windows with Anderson Woodwright unit's. The goal is to keep an appearance of "period windows", and the Anderson units will serve the purpose well. The units will have fixed grilles [interior/exterior] with high efficiency glass. Interior trim will be clear pine, with custom made extension jambs to give it that "window stop" appearance.





Existing interior of windows                                                   Existing exterior




Adding framing to build out top of opening                              Same thing applies with the sides




Another view of build out                                                      Removing rotted wood and replacing




Rubber membrane added to sill                                               Additional piece added to sides




Completed look and water tight                                             Membrane to be added on outside as well




Milling custom extension jambs                                              Final result after 6 passes




Extensions in place along with biscuit joints                           Interior trim completed




The final product!