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Schueneman Doors

With one door not closing properly and the fear of extensive rot under the front entry door,

the owners felt is was time to address the issues and replace both entry doors to the front

of the house.


The new doors will be the always superb & dependable SmoothStar Fiberglass Therma-Tru doors.

They will both come pre-painted on the exterior and have vinyl door jambs to eliminate any future

rot issues. The main front entry will be trimmed with Fypon Exterior trim.



                                        SIDE ENTRY DOOR





Door shuts poorly &has rot at bottom                    Door removed and rot is found





Not completely rotted, but there's rot                  First thing. Create a new sill plate





Install a piece of sub-floor                                   Install rubber membrane to seal out any moisture


New Door ready to use!


                                        FRONT DOOR ENTRY




Existing front entry                                               Rot is very extensive on the outside



Left side rot is no better                                       New Fypon Trim to replace this detail



More rot                                                                 Sill rot exposed once door is removed



Rot removed                                                            Preparing for new sill plate



Ready for new plate                                                 Ready for rubber membrane



Sill is sealed and ready for door                                    Door in place and ready for trim



Siding to be cut back for new trim                                 Final cuts being made



Head trim in place, Pilasters going up                      Final look at top



Final look at bottom                                                      Door install & trim complete!


                                    SIDE ENTRY DOOR



              BEFORE                                   AFTER





                                  FRONT DOOR ENTRY


            BEFORE                                   AFTER