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Extreme Remodel

Without question, I truly enjoy my job. Reason being, it rarely becomes monotonous. And every once in a while, a job comes around that poses a challenge I just can't wait to tackle. In this particular case, the homeowners have requested to have the Bathroom & Kitchen remodeled, along with a new deck. The challenge is to complete 80% of the work in 10 working days. This would mean having a functioning single Bathroom and Kitchen sink as well as a handicap ramp completed in that time frame. Because the home is modest in size, I suggested the owners take time away for a couple weeks. This would allow me and my sub-contractors to have free reign of the space.


Our goal is to provide a larger Kitchen & bath, and a deck which would now having railings!!! Obviously, safety was a major concern, but also having a deck which could accommodate family gatherings. The Bathroom will have a new whirlpool tub, toilet, pedestal sink, and tiled floor and shower area. It would also increase in size by about 14 square feet. The Kitchen is the one area that will receive a much needed expansion. With the existing size at only 8' by 12', we will be removing the exterior gable end wall and utilize the porch space as an addition to the kitchen. Making it a 4 season space will allow to increase this space by 60 square feet!!

So here we go! 10 days of fun in the sun for a crew of 4 to make this home an

Extreme Remodeling!!






Existing handicap ramp with no rail!!!                          Ground level patio deck





Ramp leading into 3 season porch                               All porch windows coming out





Entrance to porch soon to be kitchen                           Existing tub/shower to be removed





Toilet, sink cabinets to be replaced                         Only 4 feet now exists between cabinets!





                              Very little space to function as it is









Removing old sub-floors, and gable wall is now gone                Wall to be moved 12'' into bedroom                              





Porch wall to be reframed                                         View from outside of "what was"!





All rot to be replaced...and there is much!                      Close-up of rotted corner





As a matter of fact...there wasn't a corner!                      Porch sill rotted to the core





View #2 of rot                                                           Another perspective of what ants can do.





Rot under door                                                         Ants can really do extensive damage





Porch wall now closed in and ready to insulate                               Old kitchen is gone!





Using Hardibacker board for tile                                   Toilet & sink now gone.





DAY'S 2 & 3





Pouring cement into sonu tubes                                   Sheet rocking begins





Sheet rock view #2                                                     Sheet rock view #3





New entry door and new sub-floor in place                     Blue board in Bathroom





Tub/shower ready for tile                                     Sheet rock primed and getting 1st finish coat




DAY'S 4 & 5





Bath floor tile ready for grout                                          Shower ready for grout as well





Deck framing begins.                                           View #2




                             Days 6 to 10



Preparing Window openings.                               Clearing space to install windows.





Plumbing in Kitchen begins.                                Sink is in. Now to pipe it in.





Electrical work begins.                                       Deck frame is complete. Decking begins.





Preliminary view of cabinet installation.              New entry door.





View #3                                                          View into dining area.





Toilet and Pedestal Sink are in.                                Shower fixtures are in.





Before & After Pictures




















The Porch





Before                           After






















The Bathroom




Before                            After


















The Kitchen




Before                           After