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Braff Bath


My goal with this project is to have the existing shower gutted and repair any rot, then new tile and shower fixtures will be installed. Also, the existing linoleum flooring will be removed and I'll be preparing the floor to receive new floor tile. The existing cabinet will be removed, and a new custom cabinet will be built in place. A Swanstone counter with new hardware will complete the look. The remaining room will receive a fresh coat of paint and new trim will be applied to the doorways. A few other extra's will be added to complete the job.





Built-in-Shower as is.                                                Everything you see goes                                  




Toilet and radiator are coming out!                          Doors to left & right get painted




Additional view #1                                                 Additional view #2  




Terrazzo shower base to be removed                       Repairs made over time




Rot is very evident in this corner                             Rot revealed!




A simple hammer strike pushed the tile in.                Rotted framing married with new 2x4's




Foam insulation to floor will keep base warmer                                         Foam in wall deafens sound




Shower tiling begins                                                  Flooring tiling begins



Shower tile ready for grout