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Portland Condo's

My goal here is to finish the work remaining and have this 3 Story Condominium building ready in a 4-5 week period. All that remains are some cabinets to install, countertops, bathroom fixtures, baseboard trim work, and various other trimming projects to the 3rd floor unit. I'll also be responsible for coordinating all the sub-contractors needed to complete "Punch List" work to the 1st & 2nd floor units and arrive at a "turn-key" status for all 3 Condominiums making them ready to be sold.




Current 3rd Floor Unit Conditions



Cabinets need countertops                                     Soffits need to be completed



Four Cabinets need to be Installed                          Baseboard trim not finished



Doorway opening needs sill                                    Opening needs trim work



Stairwell sheetrock to be replaced with fire rated board                       Opening in stairwell to be closed



Need toilet & sink                                                            Need shower fixtures



Window needs trim work                                                  Closet shelving and washer/dryer



Shelving not completed                                           Cabinets installed unevenly



Sighting down, there is a 1/2" curve in the middle                        All flooring to be sanded and finished




                            The Project Completion Begins



4 Units remain to be installed                                                  Installation complete with Soffit & Crown                        



Remaining soffit and Crown  trim to be done                                                  




                    The Project Completed!