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O'Conner's Home Office

Every once in a while a part of our home will outlast it's usefulness enough to say that something better can come out of it. In this case the garage is the perfect candidate for a "Home Office". In most cases a home office not only adds to the value of a home but it is also an intriguing selling point when designed for that specific purpose. However in this situation an office was very much needed, and this space suits that purpose very well. The goal is to provide an insulated floor system along with insulation throughout. A new custom-sized back door will be installed with a "built-in" vented screen. The garage door will be removed and replace with a "sun-soaking" double wide, double hung window unit. The outside trim, over the existing door, will be removed and the entire front wall will receive new clapboard siding.

The interior will be sheet rocked and trimmed, and a new door to access the home will be installed where the plaster wall once was. The existing loft will be removed and a new more solidly framed loft will be built in place, and an access door will be custom made. This loft space will serve as extra storage. In the end, I believe this part of the home will become a sanctuary to sit down, soak in the sun and read a good book.



Soon to be windows in place of door                                   This side door to be sealed off



Interior view as is                                                                  Side door and plaster to be removed




Back door will be replaced                                                   Old loft to come down for a new loft




Soon to be a new ThermaTru Door                                      This wall to get a new pine door




Setting the outside frame to same level                                    Ledger board installed around perimeter




Time to take off the plaster                                                  Framing the floor joist




Joist in place with 1" sleepers for air space                          1" space keeps cold off of insulation




Here we have 1" on top of 2" insulation                                 Insulation in place and ready for plywood                    




Installing 3/4" Advantech with glue                                      Removing old garage door




Existing garage door trim coming down                                 Garage door opening sealed off




Old loft removed                                                                Framing in new loft




New Harvey Window installed                                              Applying Vicor window wrap




Install Rafter Vents for roof ventilation                                  Removing old "Back Door"            



Existing door sill to be sealed                                               Ice & Water membrane in place




Insulation completed                                                            Sheet rock begins     



Loft almost complete                                                           Clapboards & Trim installation



Old doorway closed off                                                       Primer coat on the walls



Future steps to new doorway                                               Time to light it up & keep it cool



Flooring starts                                                                       40% remaining



Placing soffit vent to vent roof                                                   Final exterior touches included caulking





Before & After Pictures

















View from driveway                                                                  View from back door

















Overall, this project has been a pleasure for me, because from the beginning I knew this would be an instant equity gain. Taking an unused space such as this and transforming it into an additional room without moving one spec of dirt was truly a wise decision.



Congratulations Jen!!