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Jordan Siding & Windows

This project will involve the removal of 24 windows and all pine clapboards. The current windows all have "operation issues". Whether it's because they remain stuck, glass seals are broken or they simply don't stay open, these windows have reached the end of their lifespan and need replacing. The siding; installed without Typar/Tyvek house wrap, has warped, split or cracked over the span of 20yrs or more and are simply no longer attractive. I'll be replacing the current windows with Paradigm windows from Hancock Lumber, and "Clear Vertical Grain" cedar clapboards (a rare find these days!). All siding will go up already pre-stained extending the life of the clapboards, and the windows will have a "built-in" trim to except the clapboards during installation. The most challenging task of this job will be replacing the windows at the garage and breezeway. Dealing with "Board-n-Batten" siding and keeping the windows weather tight will be the challenge, but will be accomplished.



Stripping siding has begun                                             View #2




View to back of house                                                      Garage gable window to be replaced




Bulkhead door to be replaced and rot repaired                       One of the 3 Board-n-Batten windows coming out



Front garage gable window removed                                   Front of house siding removed


Final Pictures