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Colton Addition

This addition will be designed for convenience and comfort. The comfort of a family space to enjoy the warmth of a gas fireplace nestled in the corner, while having the feeling of being in a wide open space with a cathedral ceiling  and recessed lights for ambiance. Then again, the room will also serve as a convenience to the often difficult task of having to go down to the basement to do laundry. However, now the washer & dryer will be just around the corner, tucked away in a closet. A new 8 x 16 deck will provide plenty of enjoyable barbeques and family gatherings.




Footing size 14' x 16'                                                                   Foundation in place and backfilled



Pouring of the Slab!                                                                     Access hole to basement in place                                  




Deck Frame view #1                                                                   Deck Frame View #2




Removing portion of siding soon to be interior                               Walls going up




Walls done. Now come the rafters                                                Roof framing complete




Deck framing begins                                                                    Deck framing #2




This approach eliminates a wobbly railing guaranteed!                                         Installing windows




Custom framed Stain Glass window                                             Interior of framed ceiling detail showing skylight




Old window to be future doorway to kitchen                                  Closets to hold washer/dryer & freezer




Sitting table to be left of Patio Door                                             Future home of corner gas fireplace




Stained windows surround gas fireplace area                                       Roofing just about completed


                                   PHASE 2




Sheetrock & Insulation delivered                                                   Insulation begins



Installing additional 2" foam board gives an R-32 value                                    Sheetrock completed



View #2                                                                                      View #3



View #4                                                                                      What was once a window is now entrance to kitchen



View from Kitchen                                                                 Starting vinyl siding



Deck view #1                                                                                  Deck view #2



Outside View #1                                                                             Outside View #2



Outside View #3





Final Pictures















Parting Words from the Coltons


Mike completed an addition to our house recently and we are extremely pleased with the results.  His timeliness, attention to detail, concern for our comfort level throughout the project, and excellent workmanship resulted in a beautiful room and deck that we couldn't be happier with.  Mike provided us with a schedule of construction and stuck to it almost to the minute.  If something came up to throw it off, he let us know ahead of time and found ways to work around the delays.  It was a real pleasure to work with such an honest, conscientious, and affable person.  He showed concern every step of the way for what would be best for us and the project; and did a wonderful job of making the new construction fit well with the existing house.  We have great respect for Mike  and highly recommend him.
Mike & Carol Colton