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Cole Garage

Having one bathroom in a home can be a challenge. However, adding a bathroom and bedroom combo will be a benefit and without question, help in the value of the home. Once again, it has been requested of me to transform an unused single car garage into a functional room. My goal here is to create a bathroom/bedroom combo within a 12 x 20 area. I'll be removing some existing doors and windows, setting in an insulated floor, building 2-closets with a window seat in between.  A loft will be in place above the bathroom and a cathedral ceiling will top it off!




Garage door to go!                                                             Back door to go




Window to be sealed off                                                     This will now be a window double




A new Egress window added to this wall                              Door to be changed




View #2                                                                                          Double window to be here




View #2 of single window gone                                           View #3 




Closing off window opening                                                      Garage door is gone, it's time to seal space for a new wall



Floor is framed, time to insulate using 2" Foil Faced                               Adding R-13 Kraft provides a total of R-30 insulating value




Floor is in and walls are framed                                             Roof is vented, time to insulate




Insulation View #2                                                                Insulation View#3




Preparing bath walls for tile                                               Sheetrock in place





Future location of bed                                                     Doorway opening into existing home




Bath View #2                                                                Entry into Bathroom




Wonderboard completed                                              Closets and future window seat




Closet view #2                                                                     Framing window seat






                                   Completion Photos



View from mudroom door                                                   Closets and Window Seat




Nic-Nac shelf above closets                                                New double window




View #2                                                                            Entry to bathroom




Loft over bathroom for a twin bed                                       Bath view #2




Bath view #3                                                                     Bath view #4




Bath view #5                                                                     Bath view #6




View going into mudroom                                                    New windows view #1




New Egress Window                                                     Old window sealed off





                       Some Before and After Pictures











"What once was a garage used for storage, is now two functioning rooms. Transforming this garage has obviously added instant equity into the home without the expense of doing any earthwork".


Lucinda's Testimonial

Mike, we wanted to thank you for the work you did. You took pride in doing it right, and it shows. We've already gotten compliments on the room, along with some inquiries. We've been able to tell people that you're a delight to work with: honest, kind, thoughtful, positive, and scrupulous. The dogs miss you!
Love the photos. Many many thanks.