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Blake Door

This project involves removing the original 7 foot door along with the storm door and installing a new Full Light Simpson Fir door from Brosco and an Anderson custom sized storm door. I also have to preserve the interior trim to be re-installed, stain the door frame to match existing interior trim and paint the door and exterior portion of the frame first with a oil based primer and then two coats of latex finish paint. The interior of the door will get 3 coats of semi-gloss poly.




Door as it appears                                                                  Closer view




Existing entry door                                             Preserving the interior trim




With storm door gone, time to remove entry door                                 Modifying opening for new frame              



Shim added to level existing surface                                     Plywood added to create flat, level surface



Rubber membrane added to waterproof sill                                        Door installed



Final product                                                                                      Emco Storm Door



Exterior trim detail                                                                               Simpson Fir Door