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Mattis Front Entry Door

Many folks have rot concealed within the walls. A good indication is peeling paint and or soft wood in general. In this case, Mr. Mattis was fully aware of the rot around his front door and felt it was time to take care of the issue. With this front entry door the rot was extensive and rampant. All resulting in poor flashing applied at the very top of the detailed head trim of the door and an overall trim detail done in a marginal fashion. I found many nails that were directly nail on the surface of the upper flashing which only helped in getting water down into the door. Also the head trim detail had many pieces put together which allowed more water penetration. I've decided to have detailed photos of this project to give an idea of had bad it can get when installations are done poorly. As for the materials used, I'll be installing Fypon Trim and a Therma-Tru exterior door both provided by Harvey Industries




Front Door as it is.                                                Right side corner has the worst of it



Right side corner inside. Rot exposes basement!                    Floor stripped to install new plywood



Adjustable sill completely rotted!!                                         Inside of door as is with trim removed



Storm door and front door removed                                     Partial detail of existing Head Trim



Side detail of new Fypon Head Trim                                     The right sidelight bottom rotted



Left side rotted                                                                     Right side rot very extensive. Notice the hole?



Time to remove the rotted box frame                                This shows the joist had sunk 3/4"! It should measure 9-1/4" not 8-1/2"   



Added a small portion of framing to support rotted joist                        New Box frame is now in and plywood is next.




Custom flashing fabricated for top of Crown Moulding                        Flashing now in place and ready for moulding




Time to Crown the door                                                                             Caulking is the most essential part of installation




                                                        Final Product