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Haeger Skylight

Here the current "Fixed Window" skylight has leaked for some time now and being in place for over 20yrs, it's usefulness is completed and it is time to replace this Velux Skylight with a more modern "Venting" unit. The one challenge to this installation is placing a smaller unit into a larger opening when an existing size cannot be match by Velux due to the age of the unit and the fact that sizes have been updated over time. So the goal is to "build in" the opening, install a new unit and trim the interior using primed wood rather then having a sheetrock finish.


The Velux unit to be installed will be a VS-308, using the EDL step flashing method to seal it to the roof.




Current Skylight at a distance




Current unit up close                                                 Second view of current unit




Build out of opening begins                                          Outside view of completed build out




Interior build out view                                                New unit wrapped with roof membrane




Upper portion has a full 3' of membrane                       View of step flashing completed




Exterior view of job completed                                   Completed interior trim view