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Porch Rot / Portland

The rot issue on this project was a little more extensive then anticipated. The source of water infiltration was at the gutter. The pictures show that at the gutter area there is a gapping whole between the gutter and drip edge, which I'm sure allowed many buckets of water to enter over a period of time. Once the siding was removed we got a chance to see where the water has penetrated. As it turns out the house timber 5x8 timber sill was greatly damaged by water and it had to go. Along with the sill being removed, the 1" wall boards will be also be replaced and the existing studs will receive "sister studs" to help support the wall. Also the gutter and surrounding trim will be replaced. The deck frame will be reinforced and the decking will be reinstalled.




Wall as it is now (deceiving!)                                                    Clapboards just hanging on




Clapboards removed reveal rot                                                    Source of water problem




Gutter hole up close tells allot                                             It doesn't take much to pry it off




Paper still wet from previous rain                                                 A closer look   




The big picture tells all                                                                   Gutter and trim removed




Wall stud completely rotted                                                          Rotted 5x8 house sill completely rotted




Rotted sill gutted                                                                           Closer look at sill removed




New Pressure Treated sill in place                                               New wall boards, framing and insulation


Ready for house wrap




Deck frame reinforced w/PT Lumber                                             Wall ready for siding



Deck, railing & siding on porch complete                                        Siding almost finished



Before                                                 After