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Spaulding Remodel

The Spaulding's felt it was time to finish the upstairs of their Cape Home and have two additional bedrooms in place. Their also looking to make a few changes downstairs by having two new exterior doors installed, and creating an opening from the kitchen to the dining room. The opening will provide a more open appearance to the rooms, and also provide a place to eat by having a counter installed for the quick lunch or breakfast. Please observe below as the transition takes place.




Left side room looking through into other room                       Left side view #2 of second floor area



Right side of second floor area                                                Front door as is



Kitchen door as is                                                                 Kitchen wall to have opening



Opening between rooms taking shape                                    Preparing opening jambs


New T&G sub-floor being installed



With a new sub-floor in place, framing of the two bedrooms now begins. The following pictures show completed framing with exterior walls and ceiling insulated and ready for sheetrock.




Rafter vents installed prior to insulation                                   Master Bedroom knee wall




Master Bedroom w/ 6' closet & built-in's                               Master Bedroom closet #2




Spare Bedroom view of front knee wall                                 Spare Bedroom Closet




Spare Bedroom future location of built in shelves                                     Spare Bedroom Doorway




Master Bedroom Doorway



           Second Floor Sheetrock Completed



Master Bdrm  knee wall                                                       Master Bdrm 6' closet upper opening for TV cabinet



His closet on left, Her closet to the right                               Left opening for access, right opening for built-in



Master Bdrm entry door                                                    Spare Bedroom closet



     Spare Bedroom Built-in Adjustable Shelves



One of two units now set in place                                      With both units in, it's now time to trim



The units will have a 10" top shelf and a 6" Back                     All shelves are adjustable and are set at 12" now


The final product in place



Exteriors Doors

From Therma-Tru "Smooth Star Series"




Before: Old door with melted window molding                  After: New Therma-Tru  Door


Detailed look of Front Door glass




Old kitchen door, what was a 9-Lite                                New Door with operation screen window



View #2