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Peaks Island Kitchen Remodel

This will be our third visit over the past three winters to the Peaks Island Cottage for remodel work. During this time the esthetics to the cottage have changed dramatically for the better. New exterior trim work, and with  bedrooms & bathrooms left undone, they now have been revamped and completed to a more inviting atmosphere. However this time around we are focusing our attention in the kitchen. In place were metal cabinets, uneven flooring, leaky faucet and a ceiling that needed lots of attention. Our goal is to correct all of these issues and when completed will transform the kitchen into more modern yet functional space. The pictures below will provide a view of the step by step progress until completion.




Wall cabinets removed w/uneven ceiling                 View #2



Refrigerator to be relocated from this area              View #4



What once no longer!                                View #6



Ceiling joist in pieces! What held it up?                   2x8 Ceiling joist added to remove sag in floor.



Ready for sheetrock!                                             We now have a level ceiling!



Floor leveled at 3" in some areas!                           Walls reframed to plumb and squared


Reframed existing opening to 36"



Viewed from stairwell foyer into Kitchen                  Sub-floor in place as well as sheetrock



View of transition of kitchen to entry area               View into stairwell foyer



Future home of refrigerator & storage cabinet         View #4



Painting begins! Joe loves to paint                             Laminate floor install begins



Completion View #1                                               Completion View #2



Kitchen install begins                                                  View #2



View #3                                                                    From this point all we need are knobs......



.......and the countertops                                             View #3



View #4                                                                    View #5


At this point, the countertops will ordered. Once they arrive, they will be installed along with a new sink, new appliances, window and door trimmed, baseboard, under cabinet lighting, and cabinet knobs will finally complete this job.    




The Final Before & After                                                                 




Before View #1                                                      After View#1


After View #2





Before View #2                                                     After View #3


After View #4




Before View #3                                                     After View #5




Before View #4                                                      After View #6