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Pastor's Podium

Recently my Pastor had mentioned in a conversation we had, that it would be nice to have a podium to match a mahogany stool he had just purchased. Well that was 6 weeks ago. Needless to say I went to work on putting something together for him in time to present it on Palm Sunday. It goes without saying, that he was very surprised when it was presented. The wood chosen was African Mahogany which has an incredible grain pattern, and the finish on the podium was produced by rubbing finishing oil onto the wood using aluminum oxide sandpaper, and completing the process with two coats of wax. In all, it was a 7 step finishing process that produced a glass-like surface. Absolutely stunning, and you can see it at The Rock Church



Prior to inlay & Oil Finish                          View #1



Base Detail                                                                Maple Cross Inlay




View #5                                                    View #6


The Presentation



I'd like to thank Atlantic Hardwoods for recommending the African Mahogany because as it turned out, it was the perfect match to go with our Pastor's sitting stool.