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North Yarmouth Deck

At the home of Rick & Sarah Marble in North Yarmouth, we'll be building a Custom Deck using composite decking from CorrectDeck processed right here in Biddeford, Maine. The rail system is also a composite product which is provide by TimberTech Industries. My goal here is to provide a unique look by having the decking run in a diagonal direction with two diamond transitions placed in two areas of the deck. This will eliminate having any "butt joints" on the deck surface. Also the outside perimeter will have a ribbon or "border" in place to conceal the end cuts of the decking. The outside edge of the deck frame will be trimmed off using a vinyl trim from Azek Trim Products. The stair system will actually set into the deck frame 3-steps, allowing the stair system to have a transition from the deck to an existing set of stone steps already in place. Finally, we'll be using a "ledger board" application to the home which I believe "has not been used anywhere else". By applying a 1/2" thick aluminum strip to the back of the ledger, this allows the deck to set off the house by half an inch and prevents any future water damage at that point from taking place. The deck was  design by myself and intended to create an ebon flow towards the stone steps. The final picture will reveal that this goal was met.





Holes are dug and ready for Cement Piers          Flashing in place before ledger is installed



Cement Piers installed and ready for posts         Ledger Board with aluminum strips in place



Detailed picture of Ledger Board and Flashing                  Posts are set at a higher level to allow for settling




Posts view #2                                                           View #3: 6x6 Post for support



Deck framed with 2x10 Joist 12" on center                 Rail posts now in place and stairs framed


Decking and Finish work begins:


Using the CorrectDeck product with concealed fasteners is very efficient and the final appearance eliminates rows and rows of exposed screws. It provides a more pristine appearance in the end. Surely a fabulous product to work with and highly recommended.



Detail of fastening system                                            Custom patterns in place.



By installing two "square patterns" within the decking, this allows me to avoid any "Butt Joints" throughout the deck and I can maximize the use of the 20' Decking lengths. Again...not butt joints and surface screws make this deck one to admire in the end.



Skirt Board trim detail using Azek Vinyl Trim              Skirt view #2




70 % completion at this point                                      Railing installation begins.



Railings View #2                                                        Upper Deck completed



Detailed view                                                              Railing detailed View



View of the 2 custom patterns completed                    Deck view from outside corner



Stairwell view                                                             View #1 of the completed deck




I have to say that I am very pleased with the outcome of this project

and glad to have put together a deck with high quality products.

As you can clearly see, when considering your choice of decking and railing,

choosing materials that are above average can make all the difference in the appearance of your deck.

I highly recommend the TimberTech railing product because of its extreme durability

and simplicity to install, and in my opinion is certainly above your standard vinyl railing .

The decking from CorrectDeck again.... is simple to install and when applied with hidden fasteners,

 makes all the difference!




Customer's Testimonial

Rick Marble


CrossWorks quote was more than 10% higher than the lowest bidder, but we ended up choosing CrossWorks anyway. Mike put a lot of thought into our quote and anticipated many of the issues that the other contractors hadn't addressed. His quote also included low maintenance trim that adds to the finished look of the deck. Mike has been working steadily, as the weather permits, and has been making good progress. We've been very happy with the quality of work and will be recommending CrossWorks to our family and friends. Thank you

Rick Marble