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Portland Home Addition

Expansion to a home not only adds value, but it represents the thoughts, ideas and long awaited dreams of having that extra space to make a home more functional and practical when it is well thought out. In this case, the homeowners after careful planning and a desire to create a larger kitchen with an adjacent dining-living room area, we feel have put together a great floor plan that will accomplish the goal of having an area ideal for social gatherings. For Craig and I the task is simple; frame the addition, trim the exterior, install a new roof and windows, and complete the siding to match the existing home. Once we've completed our objective, our ambitious and motivated homeowners will complete the interior design from floor to ceiling. At this point we will provide pictures of our work, but when the interior has been completed, we will hopefully be able to provide pictures of the finished interior as well.


And so it begins......                                Preparing for foundation footing



Footing form in place                               Foundation poured and ready for backfill



Deck is in place and ready for walls            Quality Crane services sets the beam



Walls are framed and in place                    Future home of a Patio Door to a deck


To the right & center will be beam to support 2nd floor. Once the beam is in place and the roof has been installed, the walls to this area will be removed to create a much larger living space.



Roof framing begins                                   With Roof framing complete...Trimming begins



Exterior trim is complete and ready for......White Cedar Shake siding to be installed



Exterior Trim view #3                                       Exterior Trim view #4



Interior walls now have foam insulation             View from what was the existing kitchen



Homeowners "sweat-equity" in action!               Interior view from front interior corner



Fireplace installed with cultured stone                New Porch windows



Outside complete view #1                                Outside complete view #2



Outside complete view #3                               Inside finish work started view #1



View #2                                                           View # 3



View #4



The following pictures below are the finished product:



View #1                                                                     View #2



View #3                                                                     View #4



View #5                                                                    View #6



View #7                                                                     View #8


Final View



To his credit, the homeowner was responsible to complete all the finish work in the addition which included; Painting, Flooring, Cabinets & Counters, Door & Window Trim, Baseboard, and Floor tile. Job well done!!! Thank you Bob for everything.


Customer's Testimonial


Bob & Maggie Daigle


In mid-2005 Maggie and I decided to build a kitchen / family room addition to our home in Portland.  We requested several bids from local contractors.  From this we had the opportunity to meet Mike and Craig. From the very start it was clear that they were both capable and professional.  They promptly delivered a well thought out bid that was competitively priced.  The project was sizeable, and had some interesting complexities.  Throughout the project they stuck to their word – and delivered a new structure (added to our existing 50 year old house), that was completed on time and at a quality / detail level that was above our expectations.  Several times during the project we had changes that were the product of Maggie and I seeing a “new possibility”.  In every instance, we presented the idea and were able to work with Mike and Craig to incorporate the resulting changes in design, project scope and timeframe – with Mike and Craig always open and adding insight into the new concept.  Today we have an addition to our home that we are quite proud of.  We give our strongest recommendation to the individuals.  They are highly capable, professional, and honest – people we consider to be good friends – quite a statement at the end of a construction project.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss our experience of working with Mike & Craig.

Bob and Maggie Daigle, 77 Wellington Road, Portland Maine  775-0880