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Hall Condo

Located in Portland by the Old Port district, this 3rd floor unit will be undergoing some slight remodeling changes, in order to add on an additional bedroom and create a new kitchen. The current kitchen will be transformed into a Master Bedroom, the bathroom will get a complete "do-over", some walls will be moved, closets added, and mainly the new kitchen will now take up space in an existing long and narrow living room/dining room area. There will be a few another modifications such as, a new "roof access" skylight, 5 new pre-hung doors, some floor patch work as well as new flooring in the master bedroom. My job is to prepare the space for the homeowner to complete the finish work, and coordinating everything with the electrical and plumbing contractors hire by the owner. Pictures will be taken as work progresses.


Location of new bedroom Closet                               Doorway to receive new door



Hallway floor to be patched                                     Old flooring to be removed & floor patched



View of living room                                                 Existing bath door coming out



Bathroom to be gutted                                           Old shelf unit coming out



"X" means sheetrock to be removed                         Doorway into 2nd bedroom




Bathroom gutted                                                    Bath wall gone, brick exposed




Brick to be cleaned, and future office space                             Old bath doorway to be closed in



Kitchen cabinets gone, bedroom closet to be framed               Old flooring out, new flooring coming



 Existing brick gets a cleaning                                View of bathroom from office




View of office from bathroom                                  View of new kitchen from living room




View of living room from new kitchen                      View of new closet in new bedroom




Venting for bath fan in place                                  Vent stacks for Bathroom and Dryer



Sheet rocking begins                                            Drywall taping begins




Taping view #1                                                    Taping view #2




Future bedroom closet                                          Skylight to be replaced




Opening ready for new skylight





Final Pictures        







View from Kitchen to bedroom                               New Bedroom closet Bi-Folds




New Pre-finished Oak flooring installed                   Back stairwell flooring installed




View into Kitchen from bedroom                             Kitchen wall ready for paint




View new office space w/storage closet                  Kitchen wall from living room




View of Bathroom and kitchen doorways                  New stand-shower installed



New Fixed Velux Skylight now in place.